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Getting Here

Bilpin is on the Grand Circular Tourist Drive through the Blue Mountains, about 100 minutes from Sydney CBD. The M7 gets you quickly to Richmond via the Richmond Road exit. In Bilpin, take the Bilpin Springs Road turnoff. We are 2550.


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Seasonal Guide.

This chart roughly outlines when our fruit is available, but can vary by up to two weeks. Always check first!

Schools and Community Groups

Bookings essential. We have enjoyed visits from schools since first moving to the orchard, and most weekends are booked out during the middle of the season.


Dakpot Fruit Fly products

We are the manufacturers of Dakpot products. We no longer make Traps, refills or baiting attractant, but exclusion bags are still available for purchase at wholesale prices.

Picking Your Fruit

Fruit sales are our income, and it takes all year to prepare just the one crop. Please respect it by only picking only what you are prepared to buy, and only picking fruit marked for public picking with a . Fruit not ticked is not available to you. Always ask if you are uncertain about the best picking techniques for particular fruits.

We provide baskets holding approximately 10 kg, but you are encouraged to use your own bags. Fruit is charged per kilogram at the prices marked on the board at the entrance. A minimum purchase of $5 per adult is assumed. We stock Wirrininna Ridge apple cider vinegar, containing some of our apples, and Malfroy’s Gold honey from our beekeeper.